Monday, July 07, 2008

It is my Gladness: DeAnne Victory Winner

I won! Joy not write me back for I am victory winner of scam apartment game! Easy to see for all I am too trust wordly and honest and good person Christian to mess with DeAnne Andrea Dean Anderson!

Joy was getting a little tedious, and I'm glad our correspondence is over. What surprised me, though, was how many of you guys have had run-ins with the Bradley-Derrick crew in various cities. Do they really end up scamming people into giving them money? This is what I say we do. Email or with the subject line "interested in your apartment" and then put this smiling kitten in the body of the email:

Please play! And if you do, leave a comment so we know how many folks did it.

And now I send you thank you best regards. It is my sadness to say goodbye to last one chapter. Best luck for apartment search to everyone sincere and kindness!